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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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stick around for the story. (matt) good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt breen. (sheila) and i'm sheila brummer. promoting entrepreneur ship throughout siouxland. that's the goal behind the 10-day event known as "entrepalooza ." (matt) it began tonight with a speech from gateway founder ted d itt. ktiv's robert lowe tellslshat advice waitt had for fellow entrepreneur s.
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yearning for success, aspiring entrepreneur s, eagerly awaiting waitt's every word. to see someone who actually succeeded it gives us hope, said christopher nkoghe, a freshman at briar cliff university. "we've got to work on that and make our plans around what he has to say." younger generations always get excited," said jared belin, a briar clififuniversity sophomore. "i think in today's age it is a great time." the billionaire entrepreneur agrees. "i always advise people to start when they're young," said waitt. "i didn't have kids, i didn't have a mortgage to pay. there was no risk, there was nothing to lose. the worst thing i was going to do is go get a job. meaning, just maybe,e,he next successful entrepreneur is a stent sitting right here. in sioux >> looking back on gateway's legacy, waitt said the combination of relocating the business to san diego, coupled with a number of bad hires, was "fatal" in 2007, a taiwawase software company bought gateway for $710 million dollars.
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develop tonight. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now to tell us more. much of siouxland was able to break into some sunshine leading to a warmer day as sioux city got into the 40s for the first time in the past eight days. northeastern siouxland was stuck in prett thick fog an as you may guess it stayed cooler up tt way. a system now moves in tonight with a mix of light rain and snow expected with an inch or two of accumulation possible from central into eastern siouxland. we also can't rule out just a little ice on the roads especially in the northern parts of the ktiv viewing area where it will be just a bit cooler with lows up there in the upper 20s.
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vermrmlion police are investigating a port of vandalism on the university of south dakota campus. (sheila) vandals spray painted the side of a fraternity house early sunday morning. ktiv's tiffany lane has the story from vermillion.
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according to vermillion police, there have been no other cases of vandalism in the usd greek system recently. "it could be somebody who's upset with a particular member of that fraternity," said sgt. isaac voss of the vermillion police department. "you know maybe they weren't accepted into that fraternity and this is retaliation. we don't know. we're looking at everything." other students on campus are reacting to the words spray painted on the fraternity house wall, including first-year graduate student jackie hendry. "sometimes with your friends you hear things about questionable behavior, maybe not necessarily this house, but at other greek affiliated events," "and i've never had a personanaexperience with that. but sometimes kinda makes you wonder. b b i mean obviously don't necessarily memes that just some paint on the side of a building should you know determine anyone's opinion about a specific house." vermillion police say there is no information to suggest that any member of phi delta theta has committed a date rape. "authorities say thhre are no current suspects in the vandalism m investigation. they do say they believe there's only one person involved. in vermillion, south dakota, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4." >> the fraternity did not have
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and there were no witnesses. the lawyer for a sioux city man, who's accucud of shohoing a police officer, and taking part in a string of recent robberies, wants his client's trial moved. in court documents, isaiah mothershed's attorney, matthew metzgar, calls comments made by sioux city police chief doug young, and woodbury county attorney p.j. jennings, "prejudicial". metzgar says the comments were published in the sioux city jojonal, last week. metzgar says the "adverse publicity" that those comments generated would make it fair trial. the 18-year-old mothershed is charged with two counts of attempted murder after, police say, he shot officer ryan moritz during valley park apartments on february 7th. mothershed is also charged with robbery in incidents dating back to december 7th, 2015. friends are mourning two omaha brothers who were killed while helping their sister move out of her ex-boyfriend's house. about 45 people gathered sunday
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jason and john edwards were killed friday. authorities say kenneth clark killed the brothers before holding their sister hostage for several hours, and then releasing her and later killed himself. the group gathered sunday included friends of the victims, neighbors near the shooting andndormer co- workers. s/ matt tarr, co-worker:24 - :34 "they were your typical irish catholics. they were just great guys. they would do anything for you. even as an employer the guys would just, they were givers. they were just great guys." a joint funeral will be held for the brothers on wednesday. a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs reopened its doors today, nearly three months after a deadly shooting. three people died and nine were injured in the november 27th attack. planned parenthood says they have added security measures in place. accused gunman robert dear is being held at a colorado state hospital for a mental comppency exex. he wilbe back in court next week.
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reynolds will be in siouxland tomorrow. she will start the day by speaking at the iowa women's leadership conference. from there she will visit the launchpad children's museum, followed by a stem tour of a couple sioux city schools. for nebraska u.s. senator deb fischer, the chance to meet with nebraskans-- especially during a presidential election year-- has reinforced her belief that her constituents are interested in national events. fischer held a community coffee event in norfolk today. fischer says although the topics of conversation have centered around national security concerns, she's hearing about proposed government regulations such as the proposed new e-p-a rules. with a presidential election coming up, fischer re-iterated her support for republican marco rubio. fischer notes that nebraskans have remained "in tune" with the presidential election process. "we're seeing a great diversity of candidates and support among those candidates kind of ebbs and flows. but nebraskans are paying attention to this presidential election." fischer will continue with community coffee events tomorrow, and wednesday.
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south sioux city, nebraska today. the senator tweeted this photo of her "community coffee" at dakota perk. she spent the morning listening to concerns from citizens. democrats in south dakota say they won't let u.s. senator john thune run unopposed for the second consecutive election. the south dakota democratic party is expected to announce a candidate for u.s. senate by the end of the week. a spokesman said the candidate is a man with experience in both private and public sectors. thune didn't face an opponent in the 2010 campaign for his second term in the senate. chelsea clinton will campaign for her mother in nebraska ahead of the state's march 5th democratic presidential caucuses. she will speak at 4 p.m. wednesday at a public campaign event at the four sisters boutique in omaha. as washington prepares to say farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia, it's at war over his replacement... and whether it's president obama's choice to make. democrats are outraged by senate majojoty leader mitch mcconnell's declaration he won't consider a nomination until the next
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and, the battle has spread from congress to the campaign trail. (sot hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate :31-:39) "the senate has a duty to consider that and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates. (applause) (sot donald trump / (r) presidential candidate :40-:44) "i'm not saying thth obama shshldn't do it. i just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen." republicans are vowing to make this election a referendum on how the next president will fill that open seat. following scalia's death, several names have been mentioned as potential successors. a former cedar rapipi, iowa lawyer is on that list. jane kelly is a federal appeals court judge. she worked at the public defender's office in cedar rapids for many years after attending harvard law school. kelly has earned praise from iowa senator chuck grassley in the past. grassley chairs the senate judiciary commititee, which oversees hearings for supreme court nominees. they were known as the odd couple on the supreme court. scalia was good pals with fellow
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despite them being ideologically opposite. upon his death, justice ginsburg wrote "we were best buddies." (scalia/no name fonts): "what's not to like...except her views of the law of course (laughter)." scalia/no name fonts): "ruth that is not true." (ginsburg/no name fonts): "i have to disagree." (scalia/no name fonts): "we're not going to agree on this, ruth, you realize that?" they and their spouses spent together. still to come.... the road to des moines. class 1a and 2a boys teams in iowa hit the tournament trail. highlights from two games in tonight's sportsfource.
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break into some sunshine leading to a warmer day as sioux city got in the past eight days. northeastern siouxland was stuck in pretty thick fog and as you may guess it stayed cooler up that way. a system now moves in tonight with a mix of light rain and snow expected with an inch or two of accumulation eastern siouxland. we also can't rule
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roads especially in the northern parts of the ktiv viewing area where it will be just a bit cooler with lows up p ere in the upper 20s0s that system moves out tuesdayy but it will be windy from first half of tuesday before the wind will settle down some again. we'll top out in the 30s both tuesday and weather takes over as we could hit 50 by thursday and then keep it in the 50s for friday and saturday. still to come.... a war of wordsetween a
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still to come.... a war of words between a siouxland sheriff,@and local police chief. the latest from
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a recorded telephone call-- between the police chief of fonda, iowa alex leu and a man claiming to be pocahontas county sheriff bob lampe-- has only fueled a fued that dates back two years. chief alex leu recently released that recorded telephone conversation to the media. in the call, threats are exchanged between the two men, who are both running for sheriff in the november general election.
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storm lake pilot tbune newspaper. on the other end of the line, recording the entire conversation, is fonda, iowa, police chief alex leu. leu released a short segment of the call to the media. leu says lampe's accusation is false. "i can promise you 100% there is no truth to that allegation," said leu. the heated phone conversation, which was recorded on friday, january 29th, stems from a fbi investigation, in fonda, in late january. the fbi was searching for a couple of murder suspects, from be in the area. leu, who was in missouri for military training, says he was never notified of thth investigigion. "i called the fbi and said what's going on? i need an officer safety thing. i don't care who wants to do a search in it's dangerous not to let the locals know," said leu. in an interview with the pilot tribune, lampe says leu's part-time officer was notified of the investigation. in that same interview lampe says the entire conflict stems from a question leu stepping outside of his jurisdiction back in 2014. "his issue with my practice was--i would hear a call it may be domestic but i
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call...that's it," said alex leu. leu says he has two voicemails from lampe that he has no intention in listening to. leu adds he will work with lampe as a professional but says he will not accept an apology. >> in the newspaper interview lampe admits to "blowing up" at leu on the phone. we reached out to lampmpfor said he couldn't comment because of possible litigation. fonda mayor don wolf said in a statement that the county needs to work together with all of its agencies. the mayor says public safety comes first. still to come.... a former iowa governor stopped helped iowans answer their queueions about medicaid. those answers comingp. welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how 'bout crunching into flavor with a
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thousands of iowans with unanswered questions. (matt) former iowa governor, chet culver, visited the siouxland nter for active generations in sioux city, this afternoon, to address those questions. several dozen siouxlanders were in attendance to better understand the new plan for the state to privatize medicaid. governor culver is leading the charge for advocates for iowa medicaid, or aim. the group aims to provide a clear voice for iowans. "we're really building a statatide coallition of advocates, providers, beneficiaries, people that are directly impacted by iowa's medicaid system everyday." said culver. "it's a broad cross- section of iowans that are representing more than a half million people on medicaid and we just want to make sure their voices are heard." approximately 560 thousand iowans currently
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healthcare needs. paying employees to exercise may not work ... but the reverse just might! researchers compared the results of emploloe programs offering financial incentives to walk seven thousand steps a day. progra that paid workers for achieving their daily goal was no more effective than having no incentive at all. but programs that gave cash up front -- which was taken away if workers missed their goal -- were 50-percent m me successful. near eight million elder americans are living with the help of family or friends. and new research shows some of these caregivers may face their own struggles. the john hopkins study followed more than 17- hundred people who helped care for an older adult in some capacity. those who provided substantial help with medical care ... were more likely to have emotional, physical and financial difficulties. they were less likely to attend social, religious or family activities. and many of these caregivers said they were less productive at work. brad's here -- with postseason
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class 1a and 2a boys teams in iowa hit the tournament trail. we'll have a pair of first round games. and, the hawkeyes stay in first place, and stay in the top five of the national polls.
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the i-r-s is already reporting several cases of tax return fraud. tuesday morning at 5, we'll tell you how to avoid having your money stolen. and new tetenology is helping ease stress and pain. how doctors are using virtual l reality to treat hospital patients. 2a boys teams in iowa. teams with better records got byes in round one, but everyone has a chance to get to state. four teams were trying to keep their seasons alive at westwood high school in sloan. in the first game, kingsley-pierson, who won six of their last nine -- taking on akron-westfield. third quarter -- kp starts to
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harvey, who powers it in. panthers up 13. that was part of a 14-4 run. keck to camden bainbridge on the alley-oop. kp up by 18. akron-westfield makes a run in the fourth. freshman reagan frankl takes the drive-thru lane for 2. westerners get within 12. but kp never sweats it -- coby fischer grabs the loose ball and scores. kingsley-pierson advances, 61-44. in game 2 -- the host, westwood -- taking on river valley -- still looking for theieifirst win. the rebels didn't takeong to get the lead -- senior anthony mcollough with the steal and drop-in -- he scored westwoos first 6 points. river valley rallies with back to back buckets. freshman trey goettsch scores in the paint to cut into the lead. but the rebels went up by double digits in the first quarter -- zach a aen sinks the short jumper to make it 14-4.
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westwood moves on, 55-44 over river valley. the hawkeyes went t 1 last week but since the top three teams in the big ten all lost -- owa is still in first place. the hawks are 11-2 in the conference, good for a one game lead over maryland and indiana. iowa only has one game this week, visiting penn state on wednesday. the hawks kept minnesota winless in the big ten with a 75-71 win last night. jarrod uthoff missed his first seven shots, but finished strong -- with 24 points, 15 rebounds and six blocks. peter jok led all scorers with 27 and mike gesell tied a career-high with 12 assists. the win was closer than expected, but iowa still improves to 13-0 at home. "we did a lot of good things. it was not a perfect game. wasn't a perfect game for them," said coach fran mccaffery. "but, you know, if you study this team, you're going to have to fight till the end, you're going to have to execute, you're going to have to do things. you're going to have to overcome some
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of the game because they're going to creree that. they're going to keep comimi." - iowa stays at number-4 in the new a-p rankings. iowa received 11 first place votes last week, but didn't get any this week. iowa state moved up a spot to 13th after losing at texas tech and beating texas. the cyclones visit number-25 baylor on tuesday y d host tcu on saturday. villanova is number-1 for the second straight week and kansas moved up four places to second. the hawkeye baseball team went to the ncaa tournament last season for the first time in 25 years. iowa has been picked to finish fourth in the big ten in the preseason coaches ll, behind michigan, marlyland and indiana. the hawks have to replace five players from theirtarting lineup -- but do have o of their top three starting pitchers back. head coach rick heller says freshman robert neustrom from sioux city north will be one newcomer that has a big role. "sustaining is not easy because you play in a great league where everybody is trying to win," said heller. "everybody has good resources. maybe three or four teams are going to be the older team this year. you've got to win with younger players and new players. hopefully your development
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than later." the hawkeyes open the season friday, facing dallas baptist in dallas.


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